Birth Story

I loved my doctor, she was so warm and caring. She knelt down by my bed and I looked at her and said, “he so perfect, I want another.”

Grey’s scheduled birth day was December 20th, it was awesome knowing that he would celebrate his first Christmas with us that year. The day before I worked a half day, at lunch I said goodbye to my co-workers and headed home. I took the dog to the dog park and a woman came up to me, “When is the baby due?” she asked. “Tomorrow!” I said happily. We laughed and she hugged me and told me that was the first time she has gotten a response like that, it was a cute moment that we shared. Later that night I took a ton of selfies, my last few hours with the “bump.”

We woke up early the next day as we were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6 AM. I was getting ready and I heard Stacy downstairs and he seemed to be in distress. I walked down to the basement and saw what he was upset about, water. Our basement was flooded.  Stacy found the problem, the sprinkler line burst. Good thing that we found the leak before leaving for the hospital as we knew we would be staying a couple of nights. After cleaning up we headed for the hospital, so ready to meet our son.

Our hospital crew; mother in law, husband, best friend, aunt.

We went in to the OR, the nurse who gave me my epidural was so sweet and I remember her having the kindest eyes. I asked her to please get it in one try as the nurses earlier took about 4 tries to get my IV started. It was so amazing how quick everything went, after I was numb the doctor’s got started and next thing I knew I heard our son crying. They quickly showed him to us and then cut the cord and handed him to the nurse. I heard her say, “I need to hear another cry” which made me instantly worried. I asked if he was OK and then he cried again and she put him on my chest. What an incredible feeling. I know babies are born every day but when it is yours, it is just that much more magical.

Grey Rowan Everly ~December, 20, 2016~ 8:46 AM

The doctor’s worked to get me put back together and they discovered I had a small placenta accreta, this happens when the placenta attaches to the uterine wall. It can be a very serious medical condition that could result in an hysterectomy. So thankful that it was small and manageable but it took longer than expected to get us out of the OR, I think we were in there for over 2 hours. We stayed on the delivery floor that night to make sure that everything was going ok with my recovery. The next day they moved us to another floor and my doctor came to visit us. I was holding Grey when she came in, it was very early, still dark out. I loved my doctor, she was so warm and caring. She knelt down by my bed and I looked at her and said, “he so perfect, I want another.” I was 40 when I gave birth to Grey and I just wondered why did I wait so long?! I was so, so happy–the experience, the magic, the gift of life. We stayed one more night at the hospital and then headed home to enjoy the holiday with our son.

Our greatest gift 



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