Stacy and I went to Maui in March 2016 for my aunt’s wedding. Neither of us had been there before and a vacation was so needed. I was working two jobs, my full time job in social work and weekends at a busy restaurant. I was working more at the restaurant to make extra money for our vacation and let me tell you, the stress level was high! When we landed in Maui we needed a few days to decompress and then the real relaxation began. We loved exploring the Island, the food, the beach and time with family. My aunt’s wedding was beyond beautiful, mesmerizing. We felt so lucky to be there. They had a wish sharing moment with the guests, here is what we read when we walked into the wedding….

March 18, 2016

I thought that was such a cute idea, my wish was for us to become parents. I wrote “to have a baby” on a beautiful piece of paper, wrapped in around a stone and tied with with red twine. All of the wedding guests threw our wishes into the ocean together and continued to have a wonderful night. When we got home I was on a vacation “high” I felt relaxed and calm and very happy for the following several weeks. We didn’t conceive while in Maui but I was not deterred. I decided to see an acupuncturist on recommendation from my aunt’s wife. On my first visit the acupuncturist said, “I’ll get you pregnant in 3 months!” Well, I don’t know if it was her, our vacation, or simply the right timing but I got pregnant the night of my first visit to the acupuncturist. On May Day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, I couldn’t believe it! All the stars were aligned and my wish was finally realized. I had the absolute best pregnancy, I felt amazing, received so much love from my husband, family and friends. I remember I would laugh and laugh when I was pregnant and I would think, “this is so good for my baby.” I also loved sharing our conception story, I imagined Grey getting so sick of me telling everyone about it. My pregnancy did have some complications, gestational diabetes and full placenta previa which meant, no labor. When I got the news I couldn’t have a vaginal birth I was so disappointed, but you know, pregnancy is not something that can be planned. What is most important is that mom and baby are safe and healthy, once I realized that the planned c-section, while still scary, was greatly anticipated.

Us at the wedding site, the ocean behind us is where we threw our wishes.

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